Friday, May 11, 2012

Knowing the iPhone 4S More!

After a while of tinkering with the iPhone 4S with the hopes that I could analyze it very well, it felt as though I was taking hold of an iPhone 4. I know, the unoverhauled design sets the familiar feeling and one wouldn’t know it’s an iPhone 4S unless the user opens it and marvel at its speed, additional functionality, and exciting applications.

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The newest Apple smartphone - which was released at its hometown at Cupertino, California, October last year, looked exactly like the iPhone the tech giant launched in June of 2010. Despite this news, you may be surprised at the complete new-ness of the ‘most amazing iPhone yet’.

Not only with the iPhone 4S’s identical physical appearance to its predecessor, the disappointment also lies within its nearly identical specs especially in certain places. But the internal improvements are quite enticing and they are a good compensation for the void in the iPhone 4S’s profile. As a matter of fact, the iPhone 4S packs the same processor found in the iPad 2: The dual core A5 chip. Not only that, it also sports a great improvement through the upgraded rear camera, the well-placed antenna design, the internal radio that performs double duty on both CDMA and GSM Networks.

But this is not just the real score. According to an article posted on “In reality, however, the hardware is only half the story. Maybe not even half. The introduction of the iPhone 4S marks the introduction of iOS 5 as well. The new operating system is loaded with big improvements, from notifications to how your device connects to your computer. Packed with major features like iCloud integration and an innovative, voice-activated "intelligent assistant" named Siri, it's not unfair to consider this one of the most meaningful updates to iOS we've ever seen.”

You see, even before the iPhone came into the electronics scene, it was already dubbed as one of the would-be fastest-selling devices the techosphere would ever adopt. Indeed, to say that it wasn’t going to be a success is a total understatement, much more, a fallacy. But looking at it in a more objective outlook and not abiding by the noxious market fascination, is the iPhone 4S big enough to withstand the juggernauts and firestorms of the ever merciless techosphere? Can it weather the steady wave of competition in the fierce smartphone manufacturing industry?

That we will find out later on in its existence. But before we go to that, I urge you to sell your used, old, or broken iPhone online for you to get an easy chance to jump into the iPhone 4S bandwagon and buy the device. How? Sell it online at!

Oh yes! You can sell your old phone by going online and looking for a trusted retailer. Actually, a lot of websites offer some venue where you can sell your iPhone 4. EBay, Craigslist and others are just a few popular examples. Although, these sites do not just give you the service without a price. You might not be aware of it, but these companies will get their share on your sales through the fees in shipping and PayPal.

But with, all you have to do is to follow their four easy steps to online selling.

  • Choose the model of the iPhone and state its condition
  • Get a quote online
  • Fill out the shipping form
  • Get cash through mailed check or via PayPal

Before you head on to the store, sell your iPhone at first!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why Cash For iPhones is still the best?

What is so wrong about Isn’t it the right place to go when you want to sell your used, old, or broken iPhones for a lot of cash?

For the past few months, I have been hearing rumors about being a bogus site, or that it is a company that is perpetrating a scam. What we can gather from the complaints of the disgruntled customers is that they sell their used, old or broken iPhones and are given a quote, but once the device gets shipped to the people, the price is haggled and reduced. And this irks a lot of their dear customers.

However, some online companies operate by the virtue of integrity. One of them is Although there are so many online refurbishment companies out there which are honest enough and are truly legit, I say you must always go to the site that will guarantee you a service that is impeccable in every way. And I suggest that you carefully look for these kinds of sites. A good reading and a background check always helps!

If you are a wandering visitor who wants to know the truth behind this, you have my confidence: Cashforiphones is not a scam. If you want facts, or you just want to check their legitimacy, visit their website at and click on the standard regulator symbols embedded on their webpage. The website is VeriSign Secured and TrustE certified. And although they didn’t avail of an accreditation, Better Business Bureau or BBB gave them an A+ rating.

Of course, if you want to trade in your iPhones for cash, your safety should be of paramount concern. Your security should be your top priority. So before you send those mobile devices, make sure that you already deleted all your personal data stored in each phone. Also, take time to create a backup of your files.

This is a very simple thing to do before you go and trade your iPhones for cash. First, get your computer and sync your iPhones with iTunes. Create a backup so you’ll still enjoy the same applications whenever you get the new iPhone 4S. Click the Restore button once you’re done. That’s it! Wipe your phones clean of all your personal information as if it was brand new.

If you still want to make sure that everything has been properly deleted, you can also restore the factory settings through the phone itself. Without the help of iTunes, you can erase and reformat all saved data from your phone by going to general settings and tapping restore.

You can always repeat the process as much as you please. This just goes to make sure that nothing about you will be used as any source of data. Your virtual and physical self will be safe. Simple things will help. Don’t hesitate to do the right thing. Trade your iPhones for cash and get that flashy iPhone 4S in a flash!

What are you waiting for? Go online now and log on to!

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Cash for iPhones: What to do when faced with a dead iPhone?

Here I found a cool Squidoo lens that could be a helpful for those who have a broken iPhone or other gadgets.

"Do not squander your energy and time thinking about things you can't change and worrying about all the wrong things. Do not wait. Prep up and start selling your broken iPhone now."

If you just want to revive your broken iPhone specifically for broken screen issue, here I found a cool repair tutorial for iPhone 3G glass replacement.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cash for iPhone Trade In

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Cell phones are pretty much a requisite part of modern life. Over eighty percent of the world's population has them, and a large percentage of those people have regular cell phone plans. These plans are a great way to save money on your phone bill, and can even get you free phone upgrades. There's just one problem... When you get a free phone upgrade, what do you do with the phone you've upgraded from?

If you have an iPhone, one answer is to find an iPhone trade in. This would allow you to swap your iPhone for money off of an upgrade, or even for cash. If you do it right, you can even sell old cell phones through a trade in service.

One of the best ways to perform an iPhone trade in is to find a used electronics site that will give you cash for your old phone. Most cell phone companies aren't interested in taking in old phones, since they make their money by selling the latest and most upgraded models. Some cell phone companies won't even direct you to a cell phone recycling plant, let alone offer you money or a new phone in exchange for your old one! Unless you know where to look, you can have a hard time finding a place to trade in your old iPhone.

To trade in your used phone, you need to find a website that lets you sell cell phones for cash. This is pretty easy to do, especially since there's a huge market out there for iPhones, whether they're new or used. These websites offer people money for their cell phones, so they can then sell these iPhones to new owners. That means that they're willing to pay you to provide them with some fresh stock, whether your phone is gently used, broken, or missing important components. This is the most straightforward way to trade in your unwanted iPhone, and it hardly takes any time or effort to do it.

To sell old cell phones through a trade in website, you first have to get a price quote. These sites should have lists of what they are willing to pay for a specific type of phone in a specific condition, so getting your quote won't take you very long. Generally, you'll have to fill out a very basic web form right on the website, the website will cross-reference the form with their price list, and your quote will pop up no more than thirty seconds later. At this point, the decision of whether or not to accept this quote is up to you. This gives you a chance to compare some different used phone websites, and see which one will give you a better offer if you trade in your iPhone.

After you go back to the site you prefer, you can see what your shipping options are. Usually, you'll be able to mail your phone in for free, by requesting a free shipping label or box. Try to avoid sites that don't pay for shipping for you, since shipping a phone through the post office can get pretty expensive. Once you get your box, you can package up your phone, charger, and any other parts or manuals that you have. Don't worry if your phone is missing some components, since these can be replaced by the used phone company.

At this point, you just need to be patient. It will take a couple of days for your iPhone to arrive at the company, be inspected, and for them to contact you to let you know everything was okay. When  you talk to them, you'll be able to finalize your iPhone trade in, and confirm your payment details. After that, you will be able to receive your money.  

Trading in your old phone shouldn't have to be complicated. After all, phone companies make it easy for you to upgrade to a new one every couple of years, so why shouldn't it be easy to find a new home for your old phone? If you've got a working iPhone, even one that's missing a few parts, trade it in for cash. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Don't Get Burned Trying to Sell iPhone 3Gs

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When you're selling anything used, it's easy to end up scammed. When you're selling electronics, there are all sorts of other dangers you need to be on the lookout for. Here are some of the most common ways people put their safety at risk, and how to avoid them:

-        Accepting checks or money orders from strangers. When you take a check or money order from a business, it's a little safer than taking it from a person. A company generally has the funds to back up the checks they write, but that might not be true for someone you just tried to sell iPhone 3Gs to. Checks and money orders can also be counterfeited more easily than actual cash. The best way to circumvent this problem is to only take cash if you're trying to sell old cell phones to a person, or skip it entirely by only selling your phones through a used electronics website.
-        Having to meet strangers. Craigslist and classified ads are a great way to sell things to people in your area, but for every handful of success stories, there are other stories of criminals who use these ads to find new victims. If you're selling something through a personal ad, it most likely means having to meet a stranger to exchange money and goods. It's a bit safer if you take a friend or two with you to do it, but the best way to avoid trouble is to not use classified ads. Use a used electronics dealer to sell iPhone 3Gs instead, and you'll never have to worry about meeting a sketchy stranger.
-        Not paying for tracking or postal insurance. Shipping things is expensive. If you sell iPhone 3Gs through eBay, you're probably going to have to mail it out to the buyer. If you don't also pay for additional tracking and insurance, your buyer can receive your package, and then claim that they didn't. If they never received what you claim you sent, the onus is on you to prove that you sent it. A lot of first-time sellers don't bother paying extra for tracking or insurance, which sets them up to get scammed when their buyers demand their money back for the phone that they allegedly never received, then walk off with both money and phone anyway. Always, always pay for tracking and insurance. If you don't want to, sell old cell phones through a used electronics website, where shipping and tracking will be paid for for you.
-        Not deleting their information from their phones. If you have an iPhone, chances are you've got dozens of numbers saved on it, and use it to take pictures. That means that you have the names and faces of several people saved on your phone, in addition to some of your own personal information. If you sell iPhone 3Gs yourself, you'd better make sure that you delete absolutely everything. After all, who knows whose hands your phone could end up in? On the flip side, you could also sell old cell phones for cash to a used electronics dealer, who will delete all of the information off of your phone before selling it. This is a good option if your phone doesn't work well enough for you to delete things yourself, since they'll be able to do it for you regardless.
-        Not reading the fine print. It's tricky to sell and ship phones in some areas. Depending on your country's postal regulations, you might not be able to ship a phone's battery at all, because it may be classified as hazardous material. If you use an auction site to sell your phone, you might run into another problem- being nickel and dimed to death with fees. Sell your phone through a middleman, and you won't have to worry about either of these problems.

Selling your phone should be a rewarding, profitable experience, not a source of anxiety. If you choose to sell your phone by yourself, you can inadvertently end up putting yourself in harm's way. If you sell it through a used electronics dealer instead, the dealer will act as a middleman during the selling process, effectively protecting you from things like check fraud, shady buyers, and identity theft. Selling your phone this way will make your life ten times easier, and end up saving you money, to boot. 

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sell iPhone 3G the Fast Way

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If you have an iPhone 3G that you don't want anymore, it's a good idea to try to sell it. In general, there are two ways to go about selling second-hand goods. You can do it yourself, or you can use a middleman to help you out. If you haven't any experience in selling things by yourself, it's usually good to enlist the help of a middleman to work as a broker for you. However, a middleman usually takes a cut in order to cover their expenses and earn some money. So, if you want to sell iPhone 3G, you can go one of two routes.

If you want to sell iPhone 3G by yourself, you'll most likely have to:

-        Get your phone in reselling condition. That means replacing any missing or broken pieces, and correcting any cosmetic damage to the phone itself. You'll also have to delete all of your personal information from your phone, including your photographs, phone numbers, and other info. This is true any time you try to sell old cell phones, but is especially true for iPhones due to the large number of apps and files they can hold.
-        Advertise your phone. You can do that on an auction website like eBay, your local paper, a classified site like Craigslist, or anywhere else that lets you put up used goods for sale. Alternatively, you can price your iPhone and put it out as part of a yard sale.
-        When an interested buyer contacts you (which could take several weeks), it's up to you to sell your phone. That means talking up its features, and honestly discussing any damage or repairs it has received. You might have to go through two or three interested people before you find an actual buyer.
-        When you sell your phone, you have to take payment. The easiest and safest way is to just take cash, but not everyone walks around with a lot of cash in their pocket. Otherwise, you can take checks or money orders, but these can be counterfeited. Unless you go through a site like eBay, you probably won't have a way to take credit cards.
-        Deliver or mail your phone to the buyer. If you have to mail it, that means packaging your phone so it isn't damaged in transit, paying for shipping to get it there, paying for insurance so you don't lose any money if something happens to it in transit, and paying for tracking so you can prove the phone was delivered.
-        If all goes well, you're done. If all doesn't go well, you may have to deal with things like customer complaints, and shipping problems. This is why things like insurance and tracking are usually well worth the money.

If you choose to sell iPhone 3G with a middleman, your process will go more like this:

-        You find someone who sells used electronics. These companies usually have websites where they offer to help you sell old cell phones for cash, and may even offer to take broken or damaged cell phones.
-        You contact them for a price quote. Some people may not like the fact that they can't set their own price point for their iPhone, but when you factor in what you save in not having to pay for advertising, shipping, insurance, or tracking, using a used phone company usually means you come out ahead.
-        If you like your price quote, you contact them for a free mailer. This mailer will have postage, packaging, and tracking included, so all you have to pay for is the gas it'll take you to get to the post office.
-        Once your phone is mailed in and received, you'll get paid the price you were quoted. If your phone doesn't actually match the description you gave when you requested your quote, your quote may need to be amended first.

Trying to sell old cell phones is tricky, and it can end up being way more expensive than it's worth. Don't make the same mistake that a lot of new sellers make. Rely on the help of an experienced middleman to help you sell your phone, so you can maximize your earning potential and minimize the number of headaches you'll have to deal with.