Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why Cash For iPhones is still the best?

What is so wrong about Isn’t it the right place to go when you want to sell your used, old, or broken iPhones for a lot of cash?

For the past few months, I have been hearing rumors about being a bogus site, or that it is a company that is perpetrating a scam. What we can gather from the complaints of the disgruntled customers is that they sell their used, old or broken iPhones and are given a quote, but once the device gets shipped to the people, the price is haggled and reduced. And this irks a lot of their dear customers.

However, some online companies operate by the virtue of integrity. One of them is Although there are so many online refurbishment companies out there which are honest enough and are truly legit, I say you must always go to the site that will guarantee you a service that is impeccable in every way. And I suggest that you carefully look for these kinds of sites. A good reading and a background check always helps!

If you are a wandering visitor who wants to know the truth behind this, you have my confidence: Cashforiphones is not a scam. If you want facts, or you just want to check their legitimacy, visit their website at and click on the standard regulator symbols embedded on their webpage. The website is VeriSign Secured and TrustE certified. And although they didn’t avail of an accreditation, Better Business Bureau or BBB gave them an A+ rating.

Of course, if you want to trade in your iPhones for cash, your safety should be of paramount concern. Your security should be your top priority. So before you send those mobile devices, make sure that you already deleted all your personal data stored in each phone. Also, take time to create a backup of your files.

This is a very simple thing to do before you go and trade your iPhones for cash. First, get your computer and sync your iPhones with iTunes. Create a backup so you’ll still enjoy the same applications whenever you get the new iPhone 4S. Click the Restore button once you’re done. That’s it! Wipe your phones clean of all your personal information as if it was brand new.

If you still want to make sure that everything has been properly deleted, you can also restore the factory settings through the phone itself. Without the help of iTunes, you can erase and reformat all saved data from your phone by going to general settings and tapping restore.

You can always repeat the process as much as you please. This just goes to make sure that nothing about you will be used as any source of data. Your virtual and physical self will be safe. Simple things will help. Don’t hesitate to do the right thing. Trade your iPhones for cash and get that flashy iPhone 4S in a flash!

What are you waiting for? Go online now and log on to!

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