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Cash for iPhone Trade In

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Cell phones are pretty much a requisite part of modern life. Over eighty percent of the world's population has them, and a large percentage of those people have regular cell phone plans. These plans are a great way to save money on your phone bill, and can even get you free phone upgrades. There's just one problem... When you get a free phone upgrade, what do you do with the phone you've upgraded from?

If you have an iPhone, one answer is to find an iPhone trade in. This would allow you to swap your iPhone for money off of an upgrade, or even for cash. If you do it right, you can even sell old cell phones through a trade in service.

One of the best ways to perform an iPhone trade in is to find a used electronics site that will give you cash for your old phone. Most cell phone companies aren't interested in taking in old phones, since they make their money by selling the latest and most upgraded models. Some cell phone companies won't even direct you to a cell phone recycling plant, let alone offer you money or a new phone in exchange for your old one! Unless you know where to look, you can have a hard time finding a place to trade in your old iPhone.

To trade in your used phone, you need to find a website that lets you sell cell phones for cash. This is pretty easy to do, especially since there's a huge market out there for iPhones, whether they're new or used. These websites offer people money for their cell phones, so they can then sell these iPhones to new owners. That means that they're willing to pay you to provide them with some fresh stock, whether your phone is gently used, broken, or missing important components. This is the most straightforward way to trade in your unwanted iPhone, and it hardly takes any time or effort to do it.

To sell old cell phones through a trade in website, you first have to get a price quote. These sites should have lists of what they are willing to pay for a specific type of phone in a specific condition, so getting your quote won't take you very long. Generally, you'll have to fill out a very basic web form right on the website, the website will cross-reference the form with their price list, and your quote will pop up no more than thirty seconds later. At this point, the decision of whether or not to accept this quote is up to you. This gives you a chance to compare some different used phone websites, and see which one will give you a better offer if you trade in your iPhone.

After you go back to the site you prefer, you can see what your shipping options are. Usually, you'll be able to mail your phone in for free, by requesting a free shipping label or box. Try to avoid sites that don't pay for shipping for you, since shipping a phone through the post office can get pretty expensive. Once you get your box, you can package up your phone, charger, and any other parts or manuals that you have. Don't worry if your phone is missing some components, since these can be replaced by the used phone company.

At this point, you just need to be patient. It will take a couple of days for your iPhone to arrive at the company, be inspected, and for them to contact you to let you know everything was okay. When  you talk to them, you'll be able to finalize your iPhone trade in, and confirm your payment details. After that, you will be able to receive your money.  

Trading in your old phone shouldn't have to be complicated. After all, phone companies make it easy for you to upgrade to a new one every couple of years, so why shouldn't it be easy to find a new home for your old phone? If you've got a working iPhone, even one that's missing a few parts, trade it in for cash. 

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