Friday, May 11, 2012

Knowing the iPhone 4S More!

After a while of tinkering with the iPhone 4S with the hopes that I could analyze it very well, it felt as though I was taking hold of an iPhone 4. I know, the unoverhauled design sets the familiar feeling and one wouldn’t know it’s an iPhone 4S unless the user opens it and marvel at its speed, additional functionality, and exciting applications.

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The newest Apple smartphone - which was released at its hometown at Cupertino, California, October last year, looked exactly like the iPhone the tech giant launched in June of 2010. Despite this news, you may be surprised at the complete new-ness of the ‘most amazing iPhone yet’.

Not only with the iPhone 4S’s identical physical appearance to its predecessor, the disappointment also lies within its nearly identical specs especially in certain places. But the internal improvements are quite enticing and they are a good compensation for the void in the iPhone 4S’s profile. As a matter of fact, the iPhone 4S packs the same processor found in the iPad 2: The dual core A5 chip. Not only that, it also sports a great improvement through the upgraded rear camera, the well-placed antenna design, the internal radio that performs double duty on both CDMA and GSM Networks.

But this is not just the real score. According to an article posted on “In reality, however, the hardware is only half the story. Maybe not even half. The introduction of the iPhone 4S marks the introduction of iOS 5 as well. The new operating system is loaded with big improvements, from notifications to how your device connects to your computer. Packed with major features like iCloud integration and an innovative, voice-activated "intelligent assistant" named Siri, it's not unfair to consider this one of the most meaningful updates to iOS we've ever seen.”

You see, even before the iPhone came into the electronics scene, it was already dubbed as one of the would-be fastest-selling devices the techosphere would ever adopt. Indeed, to say that it wasn’t going to be a success is a total understatement, much more, a fallacy. But looking at it in a more objective outlook and not abiding by the noxious market fascination, is the iPhone 4S big enough to withstand the juggernauts and firestorms of the ever merciless techosphere? Can it weather the steady wave of competition in the fierce smartphone manufacturing industry?

That we will find out later on in its existence. But before we go to that, I urge you to sell your used, old, or broken iPhone online for you to get an easy chance to jump into the iPhone 4S bandwagon and buy the device. How? Sell it online at!

Oh yes! You can sell your old phone by going online and looking for a trusted retailer. Actually, a lot of websites offer some venue where you can sell your iPhone 4. EBay, Craigslist and others are just a few popular examples. Although, these sites do not just give you the service without a price. You might not be aware of it, but these companies will get their share on your sales through the fees in shipping and PayPal.

But with, all you have to do is to follow their four easy steps to online selling.

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